Who are they? 他们是谁啊?
This is my mother.这是我妈妈。
this is my father.这是我爸爸
this is my brother.这是我兄弟。
this is my siter.这是我姐妹。

Who is this? 这是谁?
This is my friend.这是我朋友。
Who is she? 她是谁?
She is my sister. 她是我姐妹。
Who is he? 他是谁?
He is my brother. 他是我兄弟。

Who is it? 谁啊?
It's me. (是)我


We are friends
Name your fingers
Who? Me?
Open the door
Let's count form 21 to 31
Candy store
Happy birthday!
Verb to have
The Duck Family
How many people are there in your family
Meals of the day
Making New Year's card
Button, Button
I am going to school
Our classroom has


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