Meals of the day.(一日"三"餐)
Breakfast in the morning.早餐
Lunch at the noon time.午餐
dinner in the eveing.晚餐
Snack anytime.任意时间点心

Question and answer 问答
Have you eaten yet? 你吃了吗?
Yes,I have eaten. 吃了。
No, I have not.

Have you eaten breakfast? 吃早饭了吗?
Yes. I have.吃了。
Have you eaten lunch? 吃午饭了吗?
Yes I have.吃了。
Have you eaten dinner? 吃晚饭了吗?
No, I have not. 没吃呢。


We are friends
Name your fingers
Who? Me?
Open the door
Let's count form 21 to 31
Candy store
Happy birthday!
Verb to have
The Duck Family
How many people are there in your family
Meals of the day
Making New Year's card
Button, Button
I am going to school
Our classroom has


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