Making a new year's card.做新年贺卡。
Let's make a new year's card. 我们来做新年贺卡。
Happy New Year! 新年快乐!
Dear Mom and Dad 亲爱的妈妈爸爸:
Good luck! 完事如意!
Good Health! 身体健康!
Good fortune! 财源滚滚!

Making sentences 造句
Put on new clothes. 穿新衣。
Say. "Happy New Year! 贺新年!
Give red envelopes. 发红包。
Set off firecrackers. 放鞭炮。


We are friends
Name your fingers
Who? Me?
Open the door
Let's count form 21 to 31
Candy store
Happy birthday!
Verb to have
The Duck Family
How many people are there in your family
Meals of the day
Making New Year's card
Button, Button
I am going to school
Our classroom has


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