Johnny is a boy.约翰尼是个男孩。


We You They
We sit
The chicken family
Let's count form 11 to 20
Words:horse sheep lamb
this is a cat
Baa!Baa! Black Sheeep
Who can spell "we"?
Learning colors
The flower is red
What color is your book
The Goose Family
I am You are He/She/It is
She is pretty
Johnny is a boy
We are roller skating
did you ever see a lassie
Conversation: Let's go play
Blindman's Bluff
Conversation,role play:It's hot


Amy is a girl. 艾米是个女孩。

Question and Answer:问答

Is Johnny a boy? 约翰尼是男孩吗?
Yes, he is. 是的,他是(个男孩)。

Is Amy a girl? 艾米是个女孩吗?
Yes, she is. 是的, 她是(个女孩)。

Is he a girl? 他是女孩吗?
No, he's not.不,他不是(女孩)。
He is a boy. 他是个男孩。

Is she a boy? 她是个男孩吗?
No, she's not.不,她不是(男孩)。
She is a girl.她是个女孩。

Are you a girl? 你是女孩吗?
Yes, I am. 对,我是(女孩)。
Are you a girl? 你是女孩吗?
No, I am not. 不对,我不是(女孩)。
Are you a boy? 你是男孩吗?
Yes, I am. 对,我是(男孩)。

Are you a boy?
No, I am not.
Are you a girl?
Yes I am.
Are you a girl?
No, I am not.
Are you a boy?
Yes, I am.
Are you are boy?
No, I am not.

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